Friday, January 29, 2016

New Blog with New Updates

I have started a new blog for you to keep updated with what we are doing.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Merry Christmas

It was such a blessing today to spend the morning watching the ocean – the sun shining from behind, dark and angry clouds over the ocean, yet a double rainbow appeared and disappeared for several hours, while the waves flashed and sparkled in the sunlight, with the mist flying high behind -  dogs running to and fro, chasing seagulls, each other, or biting the waves; the surf crashing, sometimes coming up with within 50’ of the road, where the RV was parked.  Real cool!   All the while, Christmas music plays in the background and we casually munched on cheese and crackers, sliced cold pork, capers, mustard, purple olives, apples, and caramel.  Wow, dinner and a movie – who can ever beat the greatest movie ever, showing right outside our RV, “The Show of God’s Awesome Power!”  We truly are blessed!
The view this morning from Bastendorf beach.

Now, it wasn’t easy getting here, nor have we solved all of life’s issues; however, we live in the moment, thanking God for what we do have, not for what we don’t have.  There will be no Christmas tree for us, no presents, no big Christmas dinner (I think I saw one advertised at a local church), no crackling fireplace and big Christmas party; however, I am sitting here now looking at the most intensely colored rainbow!  We have spent the past two months suffering from prolonged bouts of flu and pneumonia, brought on by living in a borrowed, cold, leaky, 19’ RV, not having $$ or many medicines, no minutes on the phone, and so on and so on, yet we’ll be having such a blessed Christmas ever!!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Final Closing

Gave away/sold everything – mostly gave away  - the kids got tons of stuff this week!

A lady, who had come in to talk with me a couple weeks ago, came in today (we were just doing finish up work and finalizing the cleaning),  gave $50 because God prompted her.  As I sat on the bench outside and talked with her,  a lot of the kids walked by, gave me hugs, told me they’d miss me, etc.  She was quite struck by that and our conversation (today and a couple weeks ago) and God had been speaking with her as to what she can do – what was God calling her to do.  She admitted (like a lot of Christians) that she didn’t know what her ‘ministry’ was.  Like I told her, it is very well spelled out in the Bible – just look at Matt. 28:19-20 “go out and make disciples”!  Of course, there are several other places that tell us specifically what to do – feed the hungry, clothe the naked, etc and etc.  We are to do what Jesus did – he didn’t sit inside 4 walls and ‘do a ministry’ – he went out and lived with the people, ministered to their needs!  She was quite convicted and I hope now will know what she needs to do.

God sent us here 15 months ago to do a work ... we didn't know what that would look like until after we got here and He spelled it out as we went along. In July, it was clear to us that He was saying we were done and told us we would leave after the new year.  We just assumed he meant January.  Anyway we closed down officially today and emptied the place and I realized that the JEWISH new year ended last night!!!  What a revelation!  So we leave on October 6th right after the day of atonement (Oct. 3-4 … we just spent the past year praying for the redemption of a city!) do you see !??!  Quite fascinating - here we think we know what God is doing but it takes big revelations sometimes to really set us straight!  So, William had been telling everyone we’d be leaving after Christmas and now all of a sudden we’re leaving – it LOOKS like we’re just changing our minds or just going on a whim, but It’s God who has been leading us all along.  How awesome is that – we don’t have to know details, we just do as He says and it is always perfect!


Sunday, September 21, 2014


Last Saturday, I had all the kids make piñatas they could keep/take home and I made one (had the kids help me decorate it) so we could use it at the party; this whole week, they came in to decorate their pinatas and finish painting their ceramics (I finally came up with the $$ to pick up their last load just in time), and other people came in to finalize their project.  Ellen finished her puppet (she had been working on that thing since March!) and she was sooooo happy.   

Last night, the party was a hit.  We had a great attendance; however, several regulars were missing – I was sorry to see.  We had everyone sit and listen to William give a final word for our stay here.  Then I took the kids across the street to ‘hit’ the piñata – candy went flying everywhere and the kids attacked!  What was so amazing was that we were totally prepared for the party!  We had been so broke all week, wondering how I was at least going to come up with the candy for the kids – and God provided $100 in donations/sales  between Fri/Sat. of this week!  I was able to get everything we needed for the party – God is soooo good!  Then we came in and had some great snacks/cake and I gave my paintings away to whoever wanted them along with more art supplies/other stuff in the ministry house.  Everyone had a great time.

Couple of kids (brother/sister) had come up from Texas around the beginning of Aug., started coming into the shop almost every day.  You can tell they’ve had a rough life and at the age of 10/12, they are ‘old’ – they have a rough, street sense to them.  This place has meant so much to them – they were like starving for guidance and attention.  They came in almost every day, they both love art – her esp. and love creating, but the biggest things is how they bonded with me – almost immediately.   I am so glad I got to spend time with these kids, make a difference in their lives; however, I am saddened by the fact as to where will they go now?  I know God will take care of them all.

This week was also great for us because the 17th-19th we finally got to go camping in the mountains!  We had the most wonderful time camping in this beautiful area up near Florescent (actually, it was several miles from there, near Bust, CO) – we actually had to hike our stuff in about ¼ of a mile – perfect place – so peaceful!  I even got in that ice cold water of the stream nearby, just because!  Awesome trip – we went with Phillip and Methias – we all had a wonderful time.
What a campsite!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Closing the Ministry House

– It’s been a rough month already, in that because of prejudice/hate, having Lee come in here and take over has come to a stop.  Lee sensed that last week (I’m sure he’s spent a lifetime facing bigotry) when I introduced him to the landlord.  Therefore,  I’ve been having a rough time dismantling this place and talking to the kids about me leaving and NOT having someone take over.  They  are all quite upset about it and I don’t blame them.  Finally, someone comes to this town that cares about them, does something for them, watches out for them, and then leaves.  I can’t even get anyone to cooperate to let someone who was willing take over this place so that at least the kids have something.   This has been such a hard town to work in – people that call themselves Christian no less.  Like I was telling a lady yesterday (from Pikes Peak Christian Church),  we believe that at least 75% of the so called church is not saved.  They sure do make it hard on those who are – they are even harder to battle with and get things done with than the unsaved.

Not only that, but $$ has been an even bigger problem – William hasn’t been working, I haven’t been getting all that much with teaching and very little (coins) in the way of donations.  Amazingly though, God has provided enough food each night to have dinner and almost every night, Phillip and Mathias are over – even hanging with William all day – lots of great talks, disciple work in action!   Last Thurs. (very good thing), William went to Divide to go fishing with them and had a great time (had a great fish dinner)  – he really needed to get away.  This week, the guys have been over hanging with him a lot during the day even.
Monday the elect.  is due to be shut off at our apt.  We still have the apt. rent to pay with the extra $75 in late fees from last month tacked onto the late fees that are building up for this month AND the rent for the store as well.  I’ve been trying to sell things from the store all week, but no one is buying.  I’ve even listed them on craigslist.
Blue Mesa Res. - from my trip several weeks ago

God was a great comfort to me this week with the daily devotionals – each perfect for each day – and today’s scripture – 2 Cor. 1.  V5 “For as the sufferings of Christ abound in us, so our consolation also abounds through Christ.”  I read that and I felt God really ministering to me with that – I feel the ‘sufferings’ of the kids in this town, the people who have come in and told me their stories, etc. and etc. No one cares about them and no one will go out of their way to give them hope, something to do other than wander the streets getting into trouble, no one will preach the gospel to them with truth.  This all hurts me for their sake.  I see what that verse is saying.  I have to let go of all this and not let any of it bother me.  It’s been a very hard year overall, but very rewarding.

A great, closing article came out about us in the paper yesterday:
William and Roberta Hayes are celebrating the one-year anniversary of “God’s House of Vision,” a non-profit ministry house and art gallery located at 101 S Main St., Fountain.
A party in honor of the anniversary is scheduled for 6 pm Sept. 20.  The event will feature refreshments (persons are asked to bring a dish to share, coffee and tea will be provided) and children will have a chance to break a piñata.
William said a year ago, he and Roberta came to Fountain not knowing exactly what God wanted them to  do.  William said, “After a year, it has become very clear to us - we have had the chance to encourage many people in faith, and to bring to others some hope for better things.  Overall, to be living sacrifices, to give our lives to others.  Sometimes it can cost much, just as it did Jesus:  ‘But now abideth faith, hope, love, these three; and the greatest of these is love.’ (1 Cor. 13:13)   We came to bring encouragement, to show a better way to enrich a community, and to bring unity among all.  We will continue to pray for this city and its people, you all are so important to God.  We have made many friends and our so, we are very grateful to everyone in Fountain.”
He continued, “We are evangelists and missionaries.  We go from place to place bring encouragement and the Love of Jesus.  I hope that we have made that clear here.  We leave at the end of this year to bring the same to another city; however, in the mean time, we are looking for someone (or group) to hand the ministry to by Oct. 1st, in order to continue blessing the neighborhood.”
He continued, “It is all summed up in two statements:  ‘Jesus said to him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.  … And the second is like it, Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.’  (Matt. 22:37, 39). 
William concluded, “Roberta and I would like to thank everyone in this city, good or bad, for such a great experience.  You all have taught us much and we appreciate your love and support.  Please come to our celebration September 20, at 6:00pm.  Please believe God for something better for your city and pray without ceasing.”

At least the Geoff (the newspaper guy) has been supportive of us all year and has put in several articles.  I’m glad he left in all references to Jesus and God.  Like William was saying this am, at least we had a year to make a difference to the lives of some people here, and maybe as the years continue, others will think on what they saw and learned here and then maybe they will change and be saved.

I started painting that portrait for the next play last week – as usual, I get to the face and ‘freeze’ – I did a horrible job with it and need to fix it.  Dan came in yesterday and loved it – except for the face.  I told him it will be fixed and done by the end of this week so as to dry in time.  He loves the rest of it.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Harvest Time

Wow, what a week!  Lee came in and said he would like to take over the place.  Awesome!  That made the kids happy … some were there working on their various projects, heard our conversation, and were glad to have the ‘clubhouse’ continue.  I think he will do well.  His artwork is awesome; I’m not sure how his teaching or relating to others style is, but he’s a nice guy.  I’m glad to hand it over to see the work continue – not just someplace for the kids to hang out, but a place to talk about God/Jesus and continue ministering to the people.

William and I had a wonderful conversation this morning about how it was a sacrifice for him to do so much physical labor (at his age, it is too much!) so that I could spend the year learning to minister to people in a better and broader way.  That I did!  This was definitely a year of education for me in that arena, and a year of education for us both overall.  We realized how ‘living’ the bible really is.  The bible really is alive – one cannot understand until you actually live it!  Faith in action – do the thing rather than go to the people/churches and tell the thing or just be a pew sitter – we have to be the example, be out there in the trenches, get dirty so to speak.  When the bible speaks about how we are at war, that is no joke!  This is front-line, get shot (mostly by the ‘church’), wounded, get back up and go do it again. 

Now, I really do understand how those within the walls of the ‘church’ think they are doing the right thing, because I think back to the 30+ years I was ‘within the walls doing the work’ – that was the whole point, it is all geared ‘introspection’ and ‘feel good theology’ rather than getting out there and putting yourself on the line.   They cannot perceive what we try to tell them – they cannot see that ‘church as usual’ will not get the job done.  Those on the outside see hypocrisy, the sickness, financial troubles, bad behaviors – just like the world – and say, “I don’t want that – they are no better off than I” attitude and I don’t blame them.  Only when they see a life-change, a new life that actually is Jesus in action through them, then they want that, but not the other – clubhouse mentality, us vs them, we’re saved you’re not attitude – they don’t want that because they see that it doesn’t work.  Only the real change from the inside out with evidence – then they will pay attention.  This ‘hit and run’ mentality the ‘church’ has, by doing an event one time here or there doesn’t work!  You have to be out there, making friends with the people, relate to them on their level – then they will listen.  That’s why our park ministry in Ashland worked – the people knew us, knew we cared, knew we were there for them; just like now, we were there for the kids, there for the people when they needed to talk!

William’s work has been going well – he finished painting that Fountain house; however, he only got $487 – half of what the work was really worth!  He’s not working for Chuck any longer – William basically takes home only $10 an hour and at his age and skill level, he’s worth a lot more than that!   Of course, that meant we could pay only one of the rents (which both are late at this point) and we have none left over for groceries, again.  William also painted the deck for David on Saturday – he’s so wore out, he needs a break – he only had 1 day off last week, going into a hard laborious week – poor guy almost drops from exhaustion and down to about 100 lbs!  He’s not eating enough or resting enough!  When we go back to Oregon, we are on vacation for the next year!!

I did; however, start our new ‘on the road’ job – the phone calling (for:  Hopefully, this will pan out so that wherever we are, we can work and earn by making these phone calls.  I got one good lead so far, hopefully, Ramon will get a sale out of the deal and we’ll get $25.  If we continue with this new job and do it right, we could potentially earn $1000 (that and my $1000 I make online teaching) a month, which is what we need and that will keep William from having to work construction, etc.

Our little garden is doing great – 6 baby (3-4”long) watermelon/someone pulled up pumpkin’s water bottle, but the pumpkins have tons of flowers, the zucchini is going nuts – I’ve pulled 20 of them out so far – giving them away to everyone!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Walk with God

Wow, as usual, God is doing a great work in us.  He has taught us many things this past year.  I had an incredible time talking with this one lady who came into my studio on Fri.   She has come in a couple times.   She’s born again and told me a story of a ‘death’ experience where she was with Jesus and she had this vision.  The conversation got around to her knowing Lee and she goes to that church (I can’t remember it’s name) that we have been wanting to go to now for the past 3 weeks (the one that teamed up with TORT in the park).   She described Jesus to him and he’s going to paint it for her.  Anyway, she also things Lee would be a great person to take this ministry over and she’s going to ask him as well.   William took the afternoon off and was in at the same time as this lady, and she wants to hire him to lay linoleum in her kitchen.  Another lady came in at the same time and said she had a house for him to paint.  Anyway, William’s having a hard time with his new job/boss because he only earned $422 with 40 hrs of work this week and traveled over 200 miles to do so – no reimbursement for gas.  This will not work.  William says he will do one more week, but between the two jobs above, the job David has for William to do and this new phone calling job we’re starting this next week, William should be able to quit.  At this point between my pay and his, we were only able to pay for the apartment’s rent and get just a little bit of food from the store, and gas.  We haven’t even paid for the store’s rent or electricity for either place.

I really want this extra $$ off our backs, it’s just too much.  We did a year’s worth of ministry and effected a lot of lives.  I think it is now time to move on – hand the place over and me just set up a painting area in the front room and maybe have a few people (adults!) hang with me.  I just don’t have the mental energy to do more at this time.  I need a break.  Maybe that is wrong, but I think it is time.  William wants to shut the place down or hand it over by Oct.  I’m ready for that.
last week's painting 

We had a wonderful conversation this morning about the Kingdom of God.  We decided to stay home this morning and rest – we needed it.  Going back to that phrase, “My people perish for lack of knowledge (Hosea 4:6)” – Jesus did three things everyday in his ministry:  spoke His Word, cast out demons, and healed the sick.  The kingdom of Heaven is here; however, the church acts as if we don’t believe His word – we are supposed to do the same as He!  The devil has so systematically gotten rid of so much ‘truth’ in the church that so-called Christians think that this business-minded, religious spirit mentality is how the body is supposed to operate.  People won’t read the word to find truth!

Like, for instance, the way we got ‘bound up’ doing the ministry because we are doing it the way the world does it – all with money.  If you have it, you do the work, if you don’t, you can’t do the work – this was our lesson for the year.  God provided so much this past year, showing us that He runs the show, not us – nothing we could do could make the money come in (store, yard sale, etc) unless He sent it in!  He showed us that over and over and now spending this summer really pouring my life into the ministry and having a great deal of struggle because of lack of $$ (Heb. 13;5) showed me how very hard it is to have all this overhead to operate with.  We need to get back to simplicity – going to where the people are.  We are in transition again.  We were totally led by God to do what we did, but he has now shown us two main ways to do ministry – that of going to where the people are, no overhead, our own money and time and energy being spent (potluck) vs bring the people in (like the organized church), $$ overhead (building), again, our own money, time and energy – how very hard it is to get Christians/churches to pitch in and help!!  They more than the non-believer, are the hardest to get help from!
This week's painting - yes, Saturn is a bit wonky ...

Another thing, we spent the morning resting  - very much needed – instead of going to church.  The word does say, “do not forsake the assembling together …(Heb. 10:25)”, but it also says more to spent that quality one-on-one time with God.  So, the organized church says, go to church every Sunday, tap into the well of knowledge (man’s knowledge), then you can be a Christian.  God says to come to Him (Matt. 11:28, 1John 2:3)  everyday, tap into the well of knowledge (Holy Spirit), then you can be born-again.  Assembly together vs by self with God – God says that when two or more are gathered, …” Husband/Wife together can ‘have church’ and get more out of it than going to an established ‘church’ building and getting fluff.  We are to become one with God, and that only happens when you develop the relationship by spending one-on-one time with Him.  Unity must happen, but it only happens with Relationship!  That is the same with man vs God and man vs man.  Intimacy, like the Bride with Christ, we can ‘have church’ every day.  Yes, we must assemble together, but not make a ‘religion’ out of it – iron must sharpen iron (prov. 27:17), we get that with others, but go to God to get 'filled up'.

One person’s personal walk is more important that the assembling together:  personal time with God daily, husband/wife unity with God next, then assemble with others.  The established church always go to number 3 and skip the first two.  We are at war, but they don’t believe that – they look at the physical world/themselves too much and neglect that time with God personally.  We must operate in the proper order to have true peace. 

When we stand before God at the judgment – we stand by ourselves, not with the ‘assembly’; everyone is a work in progress from birth to death and we aren’t a ‘finished work’ until heaven – faith to faith, glory to glory.   The Spirit came to bring freedom – there is an order to things and we must follow the proper order to initiate the kingdom of heaven.