Saturday, September 27, 2014

Final Closing

Gave away/sold everything – mostly gave away  - the kids got tons of stuff this week!

A lady, who had come in to talk with me a couple weeks ago, came in today (we were just doing finish up work and finalizing the cleaning),  gave $50 because God prompted her.  As I sat on the bench outside and talked with her,  a lot of the kids walked by, gave me hugs, told me they’d miss me, etc.  She was quite struck by that and our conversation (today and a couple weeks ago) and God had been speaking with her as to what she can do – what was God calling her to do.  She admitted (like a lot of Christians) that she didn’t know what her ‘ministry’ was.  Like I told her, it is very well spelled out in the Bible – just look at Matt. 28:19-20 “go out and make disciples”!  Of course, there are several other places that tell us specifically what to do – feed the hungry, clothe the naked, etc and etc.  We are to do what Jesus did – he didn’t sit inside 4 walls and ‘do a ministry’ – he went out and lived with the people, ministered to their needs!  She was quite convicted and I hope now will know what she needs to do.

God sent us here 15 months ago to do a work ... we didn't know what that would look like until after we got here and He spelled it out as we went along. In July, it was clear to us that He was saying we were done and told us we would leave after the new year.  We just assumed he meant January.  Anyway we closed down officially today and emptied the place and I realized that the JEWISH new year ended last night!!!  What a revelation!  So we leave on October 6th right after the day of atonement (Oct. 3-4 … we just spent the past year praying for the redemption of a city!) do you see !??!  Quite fascinating - here we think we know what God is doing but it takes big revelations sometimes to really set us straight!  So, William had been telling everyone we’d be leaving after Christmas and now all of a sudden we’re leaving – it LOOKS like we’re just changing our minds or just going on a whim, but It’s God who has been leading us all along.  How awesome is that – we don’t have to know details, we just do as He says and it is always perfect!