Thursday, November 7, 2013

Spiritual Warfare

Thank you Jesus for this day.  Thank you Lord for trials, because they bring us closer to you!
I am being totally harassed by the enemy today, but in the Name of Jesus, I take the authority given to me by Jesus Himself to cast you away, to leave this place and to leave me alone!

I had such a blessed day yesterday, I should have been prepared that the enemy was mad and would come at me (been there, done that before).  Well, he can be mad, but he cannot mess with me!  This place is blessed and whatever I lay my hands to is blessed, in the name of Jesus!

When I had gotten home yesterday, I had a notice on my door (I had only paid $400 on our rent instead of the full $500 because we just didn’t have any more $$), that not only do I have to pay $40 late charges, but $5 a day as well – William won’t get paid until Fri or Mon and this will cost a fortune we don’t have!).  Anyway, this morning, my mind was foggy (due to multiple, harassing, bad dreams all night), trying to wake up, I spent only about 15 minutes with William before he went off to work with John.  We got Justin up and going, and I felt a bit hurried (as did Justin) and we set off to get Justin to work on time.  We were a bit distracted and rushed, got into the car and took off, and Justin  realized he forgot his dentures and I couldn’t remember if I turned off the coffee pot, so around we turned and went back to the apartment.  Continuing to be distracted and foggy-minded, I set off again to take Justin to work; driving through Fountain going 37 in a school zone and I got stopped - $260. And 4 points later (and thoroughly ticked off after a 16-year perfect record) we continued while I’m venting away about the morning’s events thus far.  I get Justin to work and I fill William’s and KC’s ear with my venting and William reminded me of the great day yesterday and that the enemy was just trying to steal my joy and blessings. 

I got to my studio about 8:45 and turned on my computer – William had sent me an e-mail by Mel Bond about financial blessings, so I listened to that and claimed God’s blessings on our finances, then my computer goes caput with no warning!  I tried various plugs around the room, but not even a power light came on!  So, I left my computer off and plugged in and went into prayer, got my bible out, and tried to focus.  Later I went back to my computer, and it was totally fine.  I prayed over that situation, and got back online.   I open William’s second e-mail about how much God loves us and off the computer goes again!  By now, I’m really steaming and I start casting demons left and right, declaring God’s blessings on everything I lay my hands to, then William calls.  I tell him what’s going on and he reminds me again not  to let the enemy steal my joy and blessings, so I pray again, sit down to write my thoughts out longhand (instead of my usual computer journaling).  I just left the computer off and plugged in again and I noticed that the light was on again later.  I continued to pray blessings over everything and remind the devil and demons what’s in store for them very soon!  Jesus is coming to get His spotless bride soon and I’m going to be ready no matter what the enemy throws at me!

William and I had been talking about 2 Tim. 2 again this morning before he left for work – we must endure no matter what!  We must remember that we are in this world but not of it and that becoming “entangled” in the affairs of this life is a bondage.  I am free from all bondage, in the Name of Jesus and will not be put into bondage again!  God allows us to have tools (like the computer and the car) to carry out His will (ministry work, etc), but I will not become enslaved in striving and worry and irritability if things go wrong, when the enemy messes with the things or with me.  The enemy will not stop me from being a minister to others, nor will he take away my thankfulness for what I do have or what God is doing through me!  Thank you Holy Spirit for giving me understanding and clarity in all things that you show me!
Paulette's work on my wall!

Just as I wrote those words, a Chris Tomlin song came on my iPod (I play praise and worship music all day in my studio) – “Amazing Grace” -  and I sang praise to God “my chains are gone, I’ve been set free”.   Again, William called me and reminded me not to let the enemy beat me up (wow, ok, I’m feeling better).  While I was reading the bible and writing, Paulette came in with her artwork to hang on the walls – awesome stuff!   we talked and Jim came in (from down the street at God’s Open House), he had just gotten back from a 6-week tour of the NW and wanted to stop in, not knowing Paulette was there – when they saw each other – they immediately got all excited, because they knew each other from YWAM and other mission work.  They had a great reunion and told me awesome stories.  After a bit of chatting, they left and I set out to hang the new artwork.    By now, I had forgotten all the horror of the morning and was into praising God.   Just then, Kayla came in all excited to be there, bringing her violin.  We got to talking and she told me of how the enemy tried to stop her from coming in today, but she remembered what we talked about yesterday – spiritual warfare – about fighting back.  So here’s her story:  She was sleeping in this morning and she dreamed that she looked at the clock and it said 2:30.  She got all depressed and talked herself into just staying in bed and being depressed.  Just as she said, “it’s no use going in [to the studio], it’s too late,” she woke up and looked at the clock.  It only said 11 am.  She got up and came in. 
What was so awesome about this is that Paulette had just left, and I glanced at the clock.  11 am.  God then prompted me to pray for Kayla, so  I prayed that the harassing spirits would leave her alone,  that God would remind her to do spiritual battle, and prayed that she would come in.  She got so excited when I told her that.  She realized now how very real the war is and that we are to be in constant prayer about all this.   This really encouraged me as well.

I told her to go ahead and paint, that we could talk, but I had to hang these pictures and do a few things before I could come over and join her.  We had an awesome conversation and I was finally able to join her.  About 3, Joy came in and I got her started on the same project.  She came up with an awesome idea and executed it quite nicely.  I got a call from KC and he was messing with me saying, “This is the Fountain police and you need to come to the station …” but I knew it was him due to my caller id and told him so.  He laughed and said it was time to pick up Justin, so I left Kayla and Joy painting together and left.  Poor Justin had been breathing chemical fumes for the past few hours and was feeling terrible, so I took him home and I went back to the studio.  Kayla and Joy had hit it off and were having quite a conversation when I came in.  I painted a bit more, they got finished with their paintings, so Kayla and I practiced a bit with music.  What a day!  God really answers prayers bit time!  I had been praying about bringing in more people and having productive ministry time and wow, it’s been quite a week!