Friday, December 19, 2014

Merry Christmas

It was such a blessing today to spend the morning watching the ocean – the sun shining from behind, dark and angry clouds over the ocean, yet a double rainbow appeared and disappeared for several hours, while the waves flashed and sparkled in the sunlight, with the mist flying high behind -  dogs running to and fro, chasing seagulls, each other, or biting the waves; the surf crashing, sometimes coming up with within 50’ of the road, where the RV was parked.  Real cool!   All the while, Christmas music plays in the background and we casually munched on cheese and crackers, sliced cold pork, capers, mustard, purple olives, apples, and caramel.  Wow, dinner and a movie – who can ever beat the greatest movie ever, showing right outside our RV, “The Show of God’s Awesome Power!”  We truly are blessed!
The view this morning from Bastendorf beach.

Now, it wasn’t easy getting here, nor have we solved all of life’s issues; however, we live in the moment, thanking God for what we do have, not for what we don’t have.  There will be no Christmas tree for us, no presents, no big Christmas dinner (I think I saw one advertised at a local church), no crackling fireplace and big Christmas party; however, I am sitting here now looking at the most intensely colored rainbow!  We have spent the past two months suffering from prolonged bouts of flu and pneumonia, brought on by living in a borrowed, cold, leaky, 19’ RV, not having $$ or many medicines, no minutes on the phone, and so on and so on, yet we’ll be having such a blessed Christmas ever!!