Sunday, September 21, 2014


Last Saturday, I had all the kids make piñatas they could keep/take home and I made one (had the kids help me decorate it) so we could use it at the party; this whole week, they came in to decorate their pinatas and finish painting their ceramics (I finally came up with the $$ to pick up their last load just in time), and other people came in to finalize their project.  Ellen finished her puppet (she had been working on that thing since March!) and she was sooooo happy.   

Last night, the party was a hit.  We had a great attendance; however, several regulars were missing – I was sorry to see.  We had everyone sit and listen to William give a final word for our stay here.  Then I took the kids across the street to ‘hit’ the piñata – candy went flying everywhere and the kids attacked!  What was so amazing was that we were totally prepared for the party!  We had been so broke all week, wondering how I was at least going to come up with the candy for the kids – and God provided $100 in donations/sales  between Fri/Sat. of this week!  I was able to get everything we needed for the party – God is soooo good!  Then we came in and had some great snacks/cake and I gave my paintings away to whoever wanted them along with more art supplies/other stuff in the ministry house.  Everyone had a great time.

Couple of kids (brother/sister) had come up from Texas around the beginning of Aug., started coming into the shop almost every day.  You can tell they’ve had a rough life and at the age of 10/12, they are ‘old’ – they have a rough, street sense to them.  This place has meant so much to them – they were like starving for guidance and attention.  They came in almost every day, they both love art – her esp. and love creating, but the biggest things is how they bonded with me – almost immediately.   I am so glad I got to spend time with these kids, make a difference in their lives; however, I am saddened by the fact as to where will they go now?  I know God will take care of them all.

This week was also great for us because the 17th-19th we finally got to go camping in the mountains!  We had the most wonderful time camping in this beautiful area up near Florescent (actually, it was several miles from there, near Bust, CO) – we actually had to hike our stuff in about ¼ of a mile – perfect place – so peaceful!  I even got in that ice cold water of the stream nearby, just because!  Awesome trip – we went with Phillip and Methias – we all had a wonderful time.
What a campsite!