Thursday, September 11, 2014

Closing the Ministry House

– It’s been a rough month already, in that because of prejudice/hate, having Lee come in here and take over has come to a stop.  Lee sensed that last week (I’m sure he’s spent a lifetime facing bigotry) when I introduced him to the landlord.  Therefore,  I’ve been having a rough time dismantling this place and talking to the kids about me leaving and NOT having someone take over.  They  are all quite upset about it and I don’t blame them.  Finally, someone comes to this town that cares about them, does something for them, watches out for them, and then leaves.  I can’t even get anyone to cooperate to let someone who was willing take over this place so that at least the kids have something.   This has been such a hard town to work in – people that call themselves Christian no less.  Like I was telling a lady yesterday (from Pikes Peak Christian Church),  we believe that at least 75% of the so called church is not saved.  They sure do make it hard on those who are – they are even harder to battle with and get things done with than the unsaved.

Not only that, but $$ has been an even bigger problem – William hasn’t been working, I haven’t been getting all that much with teaching and very little (coins) in the way of donations.  Amazingly though, God has provided enough food each night to have dinner and almost every night, Phillip and Mathias are over – even hanging with William all day – lots of great talks, disciple work in action!   Last Thurs. (very good thing), William went to Divide to go fishing with them and had a great time (had a great fish dinner)  – he really needed to get away.  This week, the guys have been over hanging with him a lot during the day even.
Monday the elect.  is due to be shut off at our apt.  We still have the apt. rent to pay with the extra $75 in late fees from last month tacked onto the late fees that are building up for this month AND the rent for the store as well.  I’ve been trying to sell things from the store all week, but no one is buying.  I’ve even listed them on craigslist.
Blue Mesa Res. - from my trip several weeks ago

God was a great comfort to me this week with the daily devotionals – each perfect for each day – and today’s scripture – 2 Cor. 1.  V5 “For as the sufferings of Christ abound in us, so our consolation also abounds through Christ.”  I read that and I felt God really ministering to me with that – I feel the ‘sufferings’ of the kids in this town, the people who have come in and told me their stories, etc. and etc. No one cares about them and no one will go out of their way to give them hope, something to do other than wander the streets getting into trouble, no one will preach the gospel to them with truth.  This all hurts me for their sake.  I see what that verse is saying.  I have to let go of all this and not let any of it bother me.  It’s been a very hard year overall, but very rewarding.

A great, closing article came out about us in the paper yesterday:
William and Roberta Hayes are celebrating the one-year anniversary of “God’s House of Vision,” a non-profit ministry house and art gallery located at 101 S Main St., Fountain.
A party in honor of the anniversary is scheduled for 6 pm Sept. 20.  The event will feature refreshments (persons are asked to bring a dish to share, coffee and tea will be provided) and children will have a chance to break a piñata.
William said a year ago, he and Roberta came to Fountain not knowing exactly what God wanted them to  do.  William said, “After a year, it has become very clear to us - we have had the chance to encourage many people in faith, and to bring to others some hope for better things.  Overall, to be living sacrifices, to give our lives to others.  Sometimes it can cost much, just as it did Jesus:  ‘But now abideth faith, hope, love, these three; and the greatest of these is love.’ (1 Cor. 13:13)   We came to bring encouragement, to show a better way to enrich a community, and to bring unity among all.  We will continue to pray for this city and its people, you all are so important to God.  We have made many friends and our so, we are very grateful to everyone in Fountain.”
He continued, “We are evangelists and missionaries.  We go from place to place bring encouragement and the Love of Jesus.  I hope that we have made that clear here.  We leave at the end of this year to bring the same to another city; however, in the mean time, we are looking for someone (or group) to hand the ministry to by Oct. 1st, in order to continue blessing the neighborhood.”
He continued, “It is all summed up in two statements:  ‘Jesus said to him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.  … And the second is like it, Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.’  (Matt. 22:37, 39). 
William concluded, “Roberta and I would like to thank everyone in this city, good or bad, for such a great experience.  You all have taught us much and we appreciate your love and support.  Please come to our celebration September 20, at 6:00pm.  Please believe God for something better for your city and pray without ceasing.”

At least the Geoff (the newspaper guy) has been supportive of us all year and has put in several articles.  I’m glad he left in all references to Jesus and God.  Like William was saying this am, at least we had a year to make a difference to the lives of some people here, and maybe as the years continue, others will think on what they saw and learned here and then maybe they will change and be saved.

I started painting that portrait for the next play last week – as usual, I get to the face and ‘freeze’ – I did a horrible job with it and need to fix it.  Dan came in yesterday and loved it – except for the face.  I told him it will be fixed and done by the end of this week so as to dry in time.  He loves the rest of it.