Sunday, August 24, 2014

Harvest Time

Wow, what a week!  Lee came in and said he would like to take over the place.  Awesome!  That made the kids happy … some were there working on their various projects, heard our conversation, and were glad to have the ‘clubhouse’ continue.  I think he will do well.  His artwork is awesome; I’m not sure how his teaching or relating to others style is, but he’s a nice guy.  I’m glad to hand it over to see the work continue – not just someplace for the kids to hang out, but a place to talk about God/Jesus and continue ministering to the people.

William and I had a wonderful conversation this morning about how it was a sacrifice for him to do so much physical labor (at his age, it is too much!) so that I could spend the year learning to minister to people in a better and broader way.  That I did!  This was definitely a year of education for me in that arena, and a year of education for us both overall.  We realized how ‘living’ the bible really is.  The bible really is alive – one cannot understand until you actually live it!  Faith in action – do the thing rather than go to the people/churches and tell the thing or just be a pew sitter – we have to be the example, be out there in the trenches, get dirty so to speak.  When the bible speaks about how we are at war, that is no joke!  This is front-line, get shot (mostly by the ‘church’), wounded, get back up and go do it again. 

Now, I really do understand how those within the walls of the ‘church’ think they are doing the right thing, because I think back to the 30+ years I was ‘within the walls doing the work’ – that was the whole point, it is all geared ‘introspection’ and ‘feel good theology’ rather than getting out there and putting yourself on the line.   They cannot perceive what we try to tell them – they cannot see that ‘church as usual’ will not get the job done.  Those on the outside see hypocrisy, the sickness, financial troubles, bad behaviors – just like the world – and say, “I don’t want that – they are no better off than I” attitude and I don’t blame them.  Only when they see a life-change, a new life that actually is Jesus in action through them, then they want that, but not the other – clubhouse mentality, us vs them, we’re saved you’re not attitude – they don’t want that because they see that it doesn’t work.  Only the real change from the inside out with evidence – then they will pay attention.  This ‘hit and run’ mentality the ‘church’ has, by doing an event one time here or there doesn’t work!  You have to be out there, making friends with the people, relate to them on their level – then they will listen.  That’s why our park ministry in Ashland worked – the people knew us, knew we cared, knew we were there for them; just like now, we were there for the kids, there for the people when they needed to talk!

William’s work has been going well – he finished painting that Fountain house; however, he only got $487 – half of what the work was really worth!  He’s not working for Chuck any longer – William basically takes home only $10 an hour and at his age and skill level, he’s worth a lot more than that!   Of course, that meant we could pay only one of the rents (which both are late at this point) and we have none left over for groceries, again.  William also painted the deck for David on Saturday – he’s so wore out, he needs a break – he only had 1 day off last week, going into a hard laborious week – poor guy almost drops from exhaustion and down to about 100 lbs!  He’s not eating enough or resting enough!  When we go back to Oregon, we are on vacation for the next year!!

I did; however, start our new ‘on the road’ job – the phone calling (for:  Hopefully, this will pan out so that wherever we are, we can work and earn by making these phone calls.  I got one good lead so far, hopefully, Ramon will get a sale out of the deal and we’ll get $25.  If we continue with this new job and do it right, we could potentially earn $1000 (that and my $1000 I make online teaching) a month, which is what we need and that will keep William from having to work construction, etc.

Our little garden is doing great – 6 baby (3-4”long) watermelon/someone pulled up pumpkin’s water bottle, but the pumpkins have tons of flowers, the zucchini is going nuts – I’ve pulled 20 of them out so far – giving them away to everyone!