Monday, September 30, 2013

More painting

I taught my drawing class in CS this morning.  The people there actually like what I’ve been teaching them and are enjoying it!  That’s cool … I guess I haven’t lost my touch.  I went to Neil’s class this afternoon.  Big class today – some new girls.  It was awesome – Neil is quite good at teaching concepts I remember from college, but were so abstract in the way they were taught, I didn’t get anything out of them!  Today he talked about the Impressionists’ value scale, then did a bit of a lesson on how it is applied.   So very good.  I left at 4, but really wanted to stay longer – the others stayed to finish their painting.  However, since William called and needed to be picked up (he had gotten off at 2) and he and KC were hanging out at pool hall, so I met them there.  Free pool from 11-4 – that’s awesome!  So we stayed and played – what fun, we needed that.

Oct. 1 – I painted up the Impressionism value scale and did a bit of experimenting painting various things using that scale.  Very cool.  I worked on outside mural today.   Krystal walked by, but did not visit – I actually miss her!  She is very nice company in an otherwise quiet, lonely store!  However, I am so very blessed to have this opportunity to paint and draw all day, if I choose!